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PostSeed Conference

Increasingly, early-stage founders have many financing options at their disposal. From crowdfunding, to debt financing, to a vibrant angel investing environment, the options available to founders are plentiful. However, for a variety of reasons, larger venture capital firms have largely elected to write bigger checks slightly later in the life cycle of a company.

The mission of the  “Post-Seed” Conference is to bring together the best and brightest minds around early-stage financing for a one-day focused event, targeting investors, early-stage founders, and members of the startup press.

Founders Summit

At Venture51 we host a series of founder specific events designed to help our founders exchange ideas, offer support and share best practices. Often the best advice about startup life and company building doesn’t always come from investors. We’ve found, it’s more likely to come from peers who are in the trenches daily. So, rather than stacking an agenda full of tiring content and VCs on a stage, we put the people who are actually living the daily grind in a room together so they can talk about what’s relevant to them.