Management Team

Our team is made up of experienced operators. We have been through the ups and downs of a tech startup. Over the past 15 years we have seen success, failure, and everything in between. We’re organized in a way that allows collaborative “deal swarming.”

This approach allows us to minimize cycles on founders and conduct smart diligence. Our firm is built on people with operational backgrounds (true startup experience) which enables us to be helpful at the earliest stages of a startup’s life.

  • Brandon Zeuner
    Brandon ZeunerManaging Partner

    Brandon is the co-founder and Managing Partner of Venture51. In 2008, Brandon co-founded Republic Project (a rich media platform that was acquired by DG MediaMind in 2013). Prior to Venture51 and Republic Project, Brandon was part of the founding team at Flypaper (acquired in 2011 by Trivantis), Plan Plus Online (now part of Franklin Covey), and Sage Software. He got his start as an early employee at Interact Commerce (makers of ACT! & SalesLogix – sold to Sage in 2001).

    When he’s not working with portfolio founders, he is spending time with his family, skateboarding with his two children, golfing, skiing and surfing.

  • Ryan Swagar
    Ryan SwagarManaging Partner

    Ryan is the co-founder of Venture51. He began his career working for a private family office managing investments across North America. In 2004, he co-founded a media company that had an innovative approach to delivering online video content. In 2008, Ryan co-founded Republic Project (a rich media ad-tech platform), which was acquired in 2013 by DG Media Mind (Nasdaq).

    In his spare time he enjoys skiing, surfing, golf, poker and concerts.

  • Boz Bundalo
    Boz BundaloVenture Partner / CTO

    Boz has built his reputation designing/developing some of the richest web experiences for Hollywood and Fortune 500 companies in the past 15 years. With his award winning creative talent, in-depth knowledge and experience in engaging front-end interfaces, back-end coding as well as deep understanding of mobile platforms, Boz brings important technological value to Venture51 and portfolio companies.

    Boz loves to spend time with his closest friends grilling steaks, drinking beer, laughing and rocking games. He’s a home theater geek who loves building crazy overpowered computers while constantly thinking about new startup ideas.

  • Jim Sagar
    Jim SagarVenture Partner, Growth

    Jim is an entrepreneur and management consultant focused on growth strategy and execution for startups to mid-market companies. As the co-founder and CEO of, he regularly evaluates new technologies, growth trends, emerging markets and customer acquisition tactics. He provides market analysis, strategic review and product/market fit evaluation to Venture51 partners.

    Jim is also a co-founder and Board member of Medelis, a pharmaceutical services company, and enjoys hiking, golf, poker, jazz and cooking.

    • Zach Hamilton
      Zach HamiltonAssociate

      Founding his first company at age 12 – Zach has started, sold, and failed several companies. He stays plugged in to the entrepreneurial community and helps Venture51 spot the the hottest up and coming technologies. His responsibilities include sourcing, early-stage outreach, due diligence, investor communications, and marketing. His areas of interest include the On-Demand Economy, Fintech, P2P Lending, and Latent Capacity Optimization.

      When he’s not out looking for the next breakout startup, he spends his time hiking, cycling, kitesurfing, and riding his motorcycle.

    Our Community

    We’re building a helpful community of people who are specialists in engineering, user experience, customer development, marketing, distribution, sales, bizdev and running companies.


    Here at Venture51 we care about the community and causes as much as we do about entrepreneurs we support.
    Here are some of the causes we are involved with.